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This is the 200th post on my blog. (Actually it’s the 204th , but I missed my own deadline!) So I wanted to do something special for everyone that reads it.

One of my traits is extreme self-criticism. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. But I endlessly ask myself, how could that be better? What can I do that will help people more?

And so I’ve been reflecting on the subtitle of this blog. ‘Global jobs crisis – protect yourself from being the next victim’. I’ve posted a lot about the economic crisis and how it’s ruining lives. About ageism.  About how you can improve your job hunting prospects. And about how social media can be used to positively impact your career. But if I am being self-critical, I’d say I‘ve not yet delivered the complete solution to these all these problems.

So I thought that it would be a neat trick if in just one blog post I could solve the global economic crisis, remove ageism from society and provide a job for everyone that wanted one! But of course that would also be a miracle and no matter how hard I try, I am not yet capable of such things!

But even if I cannot do all those things, I passionately believe that every little that I do which makes a positive difference to someone has to be a good thing. I may not be able to do this for everyone, but I might just be able to do it for YOU.

I know that many readers of this blog are job-hunting. And I’m working hard every day to try and help you guys as best I can. But even if you have a job, how confident do you really feel about your personal financial future?

The world is in turmoil and I think very few people are now looking forward towards the life they thought they’d have even a few years ago, let alone when we were growing up. The world has changed that much. But change always brings with it opportunities if you are truly alive to these.

The trouble is our governments and employers have a vested interest in keeping us aligned to their needs rather than ours. That may be acceptable when the world’s economies are booming, but it sucks when things aren’t doing well and have little prospect of improving anytime soon.

So I’ve written a report which I think is essential reading for anyone who feels worried about their personal professional future whether they have a job or not. In it, I talk about the things I think you should know about if you are seriously interested in a better financial and professional future.

It’s not there to sell you anything. It’s completely free and it shares information which I think is invaluable to anyone in this position. It has a slightly corny title, ‘Mid-life Millions’, but don’t be put off by that - I’ve written it purely to reveal to you things which I think are invaluable for people to know about and things which can provide you with some new and incredibly valuable information that could completely turn your whole life around for the better.

To give you a taster of what’s inside, here’s an extract from the introduction:

A short while ago, after many discussions with friends and colleagues, it struck me that there were some more or less universal issues that were of concern to them all. I decided that there really is a need for some fresh thinking and new strategies to deal with the problems that cause most of us some degree of worry about our financial security once we pass 40 or so.

It cannot be coincidence that almost everyone I know who is 40 or over and employed tells me more or less the same story about the frustrations of their job, the lack of motivation and reward they feel and their anxiety about their financial future. Here’s a typical recent example. Only last week I had a discussion with a friend who has been a teacher all his life. He had just passed 40 and was genuinely worried about his future. Sure, he had a reasonably well paid full time job, but he felt vulnerable to cutbacks, he had few assets to fall back on and he found the ever increasing bureaucracy in his school completely counterproductive and infuriating. Changing his job wasn’t the answer as he was sure that the same issues would be present in any new teaching post he might be offered. He felt trapped, demotivated, tired out and couldn’t see any way out of his situation. In short, he loved being a teacher but he hated his job and felt things would only get worse. From numerous similar conversations with other professionals, I know that he isn’t alone in his feelings of demotivation and disempowerment.

One of the saddest things about this situation is that we are talking about bright and educated people who have worked hard all their lives, playing by the rules, paying their taxes - basically being good citizens. Too often, their reward is a grinding daily existence just to earn enough to pay the bills and maybe have a couple of weeks’ holiday a year if they are lucky, before they return to the daily stress and frustration. And we are not talking about the supposed but largely mythical 9-5 either. Almost every professional I know is working many more hours a week than that and the toll on their families and quality of life is really saddening to behold.

Compared to our parents who could generally rely on much more secure employment, pensions and investments, the financial outlook for our generation is far bleaker. Not only that, but typically we also carry a much higher level of personal debt than our parents ever did, much of it fuelled by house price inflation and cheap credit in the ‘boom years’. It really doesn’t matter whose fault it is that we find ourselves in this predicament. What matters is that we find a way to deal with it and fast. If you have faith that government and the democratic process will solve these problems for you, I wish you well and you may as well not read any further. But, unfortunately, I do not share your faith…

I have been in business all my professional life. I have been personally involved in some of the biggest business investment deals in the UK. These days, I’m a consultant and visiting lecturer at a top 5 UK business school. I have been a founding director of two major UK plcs; I tell you this not to brag, but simply so you know that I do know what I am talking about when it comes to evaluating business ideas.

Over all the years I have been in business, I’ve developed a sharply tuned ability to spot flaws in business proposals. Needless to say I can spot a scam or a fatal flaw in a business plan a mile off. This same sense has equipped me well to spot those ideas which have real potential. And that is why I have written this report. What I am going to tell you about offers a real and completely viable solution to all the problems and worries I have described above. You see, if so many of my friends have these worries, I am certain there must be thousands of others who feel exactly the same; this is the reason I set up 

So if any of this intrigues you, I suggest you download you own free copy of the report now. What have you got to lose?

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