Redesign your value proposition to become the must-hire candidate

By Neil Patrick

One of the things many people overlook in their job hunting process, is to properly understand and develop their unique value proposition.

Too many people simply think of themselves as an accountant, or a teacher, or a janitor or whatever. This isn’t who you are. You know it and I know it. And critically, this doesn’t represent the unique value that you can add to your next employer.

You are much more than that and this fact has far more value than you might imagine.

One thing you can be sure about every other candidate who is going for the job you want, is that EVERY one of them will have a career history in the same area of work you are in. And the chances are that every one of them will be going to great lengths to explain to the interviewer why this job history makes them the ideal candidate.

Do not fall into the trap of simply doing the same thing.

What are the odds of you standing out as the must-hire candidate, when all you are doing is presenting your job role based competencies? I don’t have to tell you how competitive the jobs market is right now. You have to do more than ever before to stand out.

And that means having the best sales pitch of any of the candidates.

But being good at selling yourself is something that  a lot of people misunderstand. Others are simply uncomfortable with the idea of selling themselves, because of this misunderstanding. It’s not about having some super slick patter, or bragging. It’s about demonstrating you have more qualities to offer than the other candidates and that those qualities will add real value to the employer.

This point is critical because the fact that you have been given an interview, means that on paper, the employer thinks you MAY have what they are looking for. Your task now is to prove to them you have MORE to offer than any of the other candidates.

Get this value add into your proposition and you’ll become so much more than just what’s on your resume. You’ll become the must-hire candidate.

So how can you do this? Once again, I am happy to share Jill Konrath’s excellent tips for doing exactly this in this short video.

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