My Twitter Lists - please take advantage of them!

By Neil Patrick

As I have been developing this blog, I have built in some useful features which I thought I’d just take a little time to remind you about.

One of these is my Twitter lists.

I've set these up so they can be as useful to others as I can make them.Whether you are networking, job hunting, or building your own Twitter following, one of the things you need to do is find the right people. Like recruiters, hiring companies, resume writers, coaches or even just good people to connect with on Twitter.

As you may have discovered, simple Twitter searches are not too helpful in this respect. Because of this fact and to help me keep track of the ever growing number of people I am connected with through Twitter, I use Twitter lists.

I am surprised that so few people on Twitter do this. But these are a great tool which will help you no end if you are trying to get more out of Twitter.

So whilst I’d recommend that you make use of this method to organise your own Twitter followers, I’m also offering you mine.

It’s really easy to do, in just a couple of clicks!

1.Go to the lists section on my Twitter profile page and click on it. 

This will bring up my lists which I've tried to organise so that you can easily find the right people for your individual needs. I have organised recruiters by region for example. There are also coaches, resume writers, my favourite followers etc. 

2.Click to subscribe to any list you think is relevant or may be useful to you and it will be imported straight into your own lists. That’s it! 

These lists are updated daily, so as I continue to build these lists, you’ll get my updates automatically too! You can then connect easily with anyone that you like the look of on that list just by following them.

Hope this helps and let me know if it’s useful!

Oh and if you do set up your own Twitter lists, I’ll be happy if you include me!


  1. This is great! What a quick, easy, useful tool! Thank you Neil for helping us help others. Multi-generational's YOU!