The secret to HR success on social media

By Neil Patrick

I spend far too much time highlighting and criticizing the poor treatment of people by businesses and organisations. So for a change I am delighted today to present proof of how actually caring about people delivers the sort of profile and positive attitudes that most marketing and HR teams would kill for.

It's nothing fancy. It's not done by a big and clever marketing company. SYLKA Carpets, in Chelmsford is a 3 year old company making carpets for hotels and large houses.

Right now on LinkedIn, Sylka Carpets are getting HUGE profile simply because they cared enough to give a guy called Frank a job:

This post on Linkedin has received over 16,000 likes and over 1,000 comments every one of which (okay I haven't checked every one, but I'm confident this is so) is praising SYLKA Carpets for doing something decent to help someone out when they lost their job.

You simply cannot buy or make this sort of social media success. Not unless you are willing to behave in a decent way towards people. And next time I am talking to someone about HR and social media, this example of truly best practice will serve me well I think.

Thank you SYLKA Carpets. And good luck Frank!


  1. Neil! Nice post.

    All the fake marketing in the world, all the blather-and-bother about "engagement", cannot beat a genuine showing of how a company cares about people.

  2. I agree David. Authentic is a much abused word. But you don't get much more authentic than this. This walks the talk. Great to see and restores some of my dented faith in human kindness.

  3. This is just pure authentic love for someone trying to keep it together. Admirable company any one would want to work for😉

    1. Spot on Donna-Luisa. And the key word here is AUTHENTIC. Not spin, spam, or posturing. Just simple kindness, decency and empathy. I think there's a ton of things for companies to learn from this.

    2. Donna-Luisa: Exactly the point.

      Furthermore, it leads not only by example, but shows that attitude and motivation count for far more than a specific skill set.