How to get your profile to page 1 of a Linkedin search by tomorrow!

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you’ll know that I consider Linkedin to be the most powerful tool at our disposal for enhancing your career prospects.

And I’m sure that you already have a live Linkedin profile. But I find time and time again that people who ask me for advice have sub optimal profiles.To fix this completely takes a good deal of time and effort over an extended period. And many people can just never find the time or persistence to do this.

But if we go back to our objectives for being on Linkedin, if we are job hunting, possibly the most desirable goal is for our profile to appear at the top of a Linkedin search whenever a recruiter or headhunter is looking to find a person with our type of experience and expertise.

Now of course, doing this alone won’t get us very far – it would be like ranking top on Google and having nothing behind your search result to provide the content that people are searching for. No use at all. But I’m assuming you already have a fairly complete Linkedin profile, you just want to get it seen by more people who are looking for professionals like you. And you will I am sure appreciate the benefits of a high search ranking on Linkedin without me having to spell out all the  benefits of this.

But how can we do this? After all, there are hundreds or probably thousands of other similar professionals on Linkedin who have all sorts of advantages over us in terms of experience, premium Linkedin accounts, larger numbers of connections, better SEO on their profile etc etc. As a result of this type of thinking, many resign themselves to accepting defeat without knowing how close they are to turning this situation around.

Like many things on Linkedin, if we know how to position ourselves on Linkedin correctly so that we are in tune with how Linkedin’s search algorithms function, it's perfectly possible to get to Page one of a Linkedin search.

If you’d like to see just how easily this can be done, this video explains a simple step by step approach which will deliver this outcome. It won’t take weeks of work, it doesn’t require expert SEO skills and you don’t even have to have a 100% complete profile. In fact you could have it all done by this time tomorrow…


  1. Neil, this is amazing. Thank your for sharing this. I know what I am doing this weekend! Question; If it is an organization that was my client, should I just pick one person at that organizaion (perhaps the president of the hospital) to be the client in this scenario?

    1. Hi Steve,

      I don't think it really matters if you pick an individual or an organisation. What does matter is the function that you show you carried out. If your profile shows that you have carried out exactly the same function across many many clients, the search algorithm will respond accordingly. Do let me know how you get on Steve!

      Best wishes