The worst mistake in a job search

By Neil Patrick

I am becoming a big  fan of Patra Frame. Looking at the most popular posts on my site so far, I think maybe some of you are too?

So as I aim to please, here’s another of Patra’s short and insightful videos which contains a simple but really powerful piece of advice. Like so much real wisdom, it’s actually counter-intuitive and therefore extra valuable since without being alerted to this potential trap, many will fall into it.

It’s great advice and  following it may very well lead you to a better and more successful place than you might have thought possible. Incidentally, even if you currently have a job and are just considering doing something different, it’s relevant to that situation too.


  1. Petra,

    What wise advice!

    When newly unemployed, it is a great temptation to jump into the job search with both feet. It gives a feeling of being action oriented and allows us to hope that maybe the right job will find us so quickly that we’ll never have to deal constructively with the job search.

    However, thinking about what we want to do next streamlines the job hunt so we take constructive action rather than lots of frantic, directionless activity.


    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks so much for posting here! I wholehartedly agree with your comments. In times like these, when jobs are scarce, I thinks it's even more important to focus narrowly on finding the right opportunities and then really maximise one's effort to ensure you stand head and shoulders above all the other candidates.

      Thanks again!