Boomers and social technology

This short video demonstrates a point I keep coming back to. I believe the biggest single career obstacle faced by the boomer generation is new technology and social media. It’s not that boomers don’t use it - the majority do everyday. No, the problem is that most are passive not active users. In other words,  they don’t know how or don’t wish to use it to help create their career futures.

Millions of boomers have a Facebook and Linkedin profile, use internet banking, buy insurance online and sell things on Ebay. But that’s not the same as engaging new technology to assist them in reaching their career goals.

So what’s holding us back ? According to this film, concerns about privacy are a big factor. But this fear about privacy is unfounded in my opinion. Knowledge is power and today that is more true than ever. Social media networks are incredibly powerful, when we know how to use them to further the achievement of our life’s goals.

On reflection, I think I need to return this topic soon with a lot more  information, but for now I hope this film will elicit some self searching.

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  1. That was a good video. I think we do care about our "privacy" and in today's world we are concerned about hackers and having our identity stolen. Sure enjoy your blogs and social media posts. ED