The secret to getting a job in a recession

Here’s a  really good presentation from Jill Konrath, which I think is essential viewing for anyone looking to find a great job fast.

I continually read stories about how older workers in particular apply for hundreds of jobs without success. The cumulative effect of one rejection after another eventually destroys the self confidence of even the most resilient applicant.

This presentation explains why applying for jobs in the present economic situation is almost guaranteed to fail.  But  new jobs are being created every day and if you know the tricks, you can secure one of them.

It just requires different thinking and different tactics on your part.

Just watch this and discover how you can  use these tactics to not only land a great job fast but, better still avoid the lottery of going through the ‘normal’ channels, and actually create your own job!


  1. Neil - an excellent and extremely useful tool for all job seekers but even for those of us who help others to find work. At BM2B - - we spend considerable time and resources finding clients for our Boomer Experts and the ideas generated by Jill Konrath have twigged more ideas for us.

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thanks so much for this feedback. As this blog develops I am realising that a significant part of my audience comprises recruiters as much as it does mature job hunters. So I'm especially open to any inputs from recruiters out there! Whether its a guest post, link, profile, whatever - tell me and I'll be happy to oblige.

    Kind regards