Robert Kiyosaki – How you can survive the coming financial catastrophe

I’ve provided a lot of posts lately here and to my Twitter followers which describe how the financial crisis is escalating. I’m very concerned about this because we baby boomers are particularly vulnerable. This is because of high borrowings, falling incomes, rising costs of living and increasing job insecurity.

But most of all we are vulnerable because we don’t know how to respond to these economic conditions. And that’s because the education system in the western economies hasn’t provided us with the right knowledge about how we can do this.

I wanted to get Robert Kiyosaki’s view on the current global crisis and what he thinks we can do about it. Here he describes at length (so grab a coffee before you hit play!) how he sees the next few years unfolding.

His prognosis is very similar to my own – we are likely to see a collapse in Europe, due to the unsustainable burdens of failed Eurozone economies on Germany and the ECB, whilst the US is setting itself up for further devaluations of the dollar by continued printing of more money.

But most importantly he describes how we can survive and prosper over the next 5-10 years if we start to think totally differently about how we see our place in the world and how we direct our careers in what is already a massively changed society.

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